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Business Permits

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All businesses in the City of Caldwell are required to have a Business Permit.  Business Permits are reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Staff, the Building Department and the Fire Marshall. 

For additional information regarding Business Permits please contact April Cabello at 208-455-4667.

Business  Permit Administrative Review Application
Business Permit Check List Form
Property Owner Acknowledgement Form


City Code: When a business name, occupant or owner changes, the business owner is responsible for obtaining from, and completing and submitting to, the planning and zoning department an application for a business permit. The planning and zoning department shall, upon receipt of said application and any applicable fees as established by city council through resolution, issue a business permit for display in a conspicuous place upon the premises after confirming the business address with the mapping department and confirming that the business is an allowed land use in the zoning district in which the business is located and/or that the business is a legally nonconforming land use. Once the permit has been issued, the planning and zoning department will furnish the permit information to the building department, fire department, water department, mapping department and city clerk.