• Indian Creek Spring

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  • Main Street 2007

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  • Indepnedence Day 2016

    Kids on Parade

  • Cardboard Kayak Race

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  • Historic Caldwell Home

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  • Winter Wonderland lights

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Crime Prevention Quick Tips

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  • Use a deadbolt on your exterior doors. The locks should be changed when you first move in.
  • Secure windows and doors that open to balconies or terraces.
  • Never hide keys under door mats or potted plants.
  • Engrave items of value with your Idaho Drivers License number.
  • Do not leave a note on your front door indicating your absence.
  • If you are home and suspect that someone is trying to break in, leave immediately if possible. Then call the police using 9-1-1.
  • If you find or suspect that your home has been burglarized, do not enter. Leave everything as you found it and call the police.
  • Lighting is a good deterrent. Have bright exterior and interior lighting that turn on at random time intervals.
  • Close drapes or blinds.
  • Advise your manager or neighbors of any travel plans. You can also request to have your mail delivery suspended while you are gone. Fill out and print a VACATION WATCH FORM ; mail to Caldwell Police Department, Attn: Records, 110 S. 5th Ave., Caldwell, iD  83605 , fax to 208-455-3122 or email to centralfile@cityofcaldwell.org