• Evening in downtown Caldwell

    photo credit: Dan Smede

  • Main Street, circa 1950-s - Ellis

    photo credit - unknown

  • 2018 4th of July Fireworks

    Dan Smede

  • Historic Caldwell Home

    Jan Boles

  • Old City Hall, circa 1930

    photo credit: unknown

  • Cardboard Kayak Races - 2018

    Destination Caldwell

  • Indian Creek Plaza ice ribbon

    Destination Caldwell

  • Winter Wonderland - 7th St Bridge

    Angie Point


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Voter Information

Candidate Information

 Campaign Finance

 2019 General Election

 2019 General Election

Fri, Oct 11, 2019 Close of
pre-registration; voters may
still register when voting in-
person absentee or at their
polling place on Election Day,

Caldwell City
Council Election
Candidate Forum

2019 Deadlines for Filing 
Campaign Finance 
Disclosure Reports



2019 Campaign Finance 
Reporting Manual



Fri, Oct 25, 2019Mail-in 
absentee ballot requests 
must be received by 
5:00 p.m. by the County 

City of Caldwell seats up for election: 

Seat #4 (incumbent: Shannon Ozuna)
Seat #5 (incumbent: Chris Allgood)
Seat #6 (incumbent: Chuck Stadick)

NOTE: For ease of use, 
please be sure you are
using Chrome or Internet
Explorer browsers before
filling out forms online.
Other browsers may give
inconsistent results. 


Fri, Nov 1, 2019: Last day for 
in-person absentee voting or 
early voting, which ends at 
5:00 pm.

Candidates for 2019
Elections will be added
beginning August 26,
2019, or when they file
form C-1 to appoint
a political treasurer
for their campaign.

Appointment and
Certification of Political
Treasurer for 
Candidates and
Committees form (C-1

Tues, Nov 5, 2019
Last day to
return absentee ballots to the
County Clerk's Election Office
by 8:00 pm to be counted.

Monday, August 26, 2019
filing period opens at 8:00 am.

Campaign Financial 
Disclosure Report Form
(CFDR):  Summary 
 (C-2 pg 1)

Tuesday, November 5, 

Polls open from 
8:00 am to 8:00 pm

Friday, September 6, 2019
filing period closes at  5:00 pm


CFDR Form: Detailed 
Summary (C-2 pg 2) 

Absentee Ballot Request 

Friday, September 20, 2019
for candidates to withdraw 
their candidacy by filing a notarized
statement of withdrawal with the
City Clerk. 

CFDR Form: Schedule A -
Itemized Contributions 
more than $50 (C-2 pg 3)  


Am I registered to vote?

Tuesday, October 8, 2019 
for write-in candidates to 
file their 
declaration of intent with 
the City
Clerk, indicating the office
 and term
for which they are running
affirming their qualifications to
hold the office, if elected.

CFDR Form:  Schedule  B 
Itemized Expenditures of 
more than $25 (C-2 pg 4)  


Idaho Voter Registration


NOTE:  The Declaration of Candidacy 
Forms have been revised; please 
select the form that corresponds 
to the seat you are declaring 
candidacy for:

Seat #4 Revised 2019 Election
Candidacy Declaration Form

Seat #5 Revised 2019 Election
Candidacy Declaration Form

Seat #6 Revised 2019 Election
Candidacy Declaration Form

CFDR Form: Schedule C -
In-Kind Contributions and
Expenditures (C-2 pg 5)

CFDR Form: Schedule D - 
Loans (C-2 pg 6)

Where do I vote?

CFDR Form: Schedule E - 
Credit Cards and Debt
(C-2 pg 7)

CFDR Form: Schedule 1 - 
Credit Card and Debt
Itemization (C-2 pg 8) 

 Canyon County
Elections Page


CFDR Form: Schedule F -
Pledged Contributions 
But Not Yet Received 
(C-2 pg 9)

 Jarom Wagoner - Seat 4

Expenditures Totaling 
More Than $100
form (C-4)


Appt of Political Treasurer - 8/26/2019
Declaration of Candidacy- 8/26/2019

48 Hour Notice of
Received form (C-5)


Oct 10 Pre-General Report - 10/10/2019

 7 Day Pre-General Report - 10/29/2019


Christopher Trakel - Seat 4

Statement by a 
Nonbusiness Entity
form (C-6)


Appt. of Political Treasurer - 9/6/2019

Declaration of Candidacy - 9/6/2019

Oct 10 Pre-General Report 10/3/2019

Expenditures 48-Hour 
Notice form - Totaling 
$1000 or more (C-7)

7 Day Pre-General Report - 10/29/2019


Chris Allgood - Seat 5


 Appt. of Political Treasurer - 7/5/2019

Report of Electioneering
Communication form (C-8)

Declaration of Candidacy 8/26/2019

Oct 10 Pre-General Report 10/4/2019

7 Day Pre-General Report 10/29/2019

Chuck Stadick - Seat 6


Chuck Stadick - Seat 6 


Appt. of Political Treasurer
 - 8/5/2019 

 Declaration of Candidacy - 8/28/2019
Oct 10 Pre-General report - 10/10/19

Oct 10 Pre-General - CORRECTED10/15/19

7 Day Pre-General report - 10/29/2019

Evangeline Beechler-Seat 6


 Appt. of Political Treasurer - 9/6/2019
Declaration of Candidacy - 9/6/2019

Oct 10 Pre-General report - 10/10/2019


7 Day Pre-General report - 10/29/2019

 John McGee - Seat 6

Appt. of Political Treasurer - 9/6/2019
Declare Candidacy - 9/6/2019



Oct 10 Pre-General report - 10/8/2019 




 7 Day Pre-General report- 10/29/2019




Accountable Idaho PAC 

Appt of Political Treasurer 

Concerned Citizens of
Canyon County PAC

   Appt of Political Treasurer - 11/12/2019      





Requirements for candidates for city elected offices

  • Must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Must be a U.S. citizen.

  • The candidate's primary residence must be within the City of Caldwell and the candidate must be a resident of the City of Caldwell for at least 30 days.

  • The address of the candidate's voter registration must match the residence address.

  • Powers and Responsibilities of the City Council 

Mayor and Council Incumbent List and Election Date


Re-election Year





Garret L. Nancolas


Seat 1


Mike Pollard


Seat 2


Dennis Callsen


Seat 3


Rob Hopper


Seat 4


Shannon Ozuna


Seat 5


Chris Allgood


Seat 6


Chuck Stadick


Chris Allgood:  January 2019 Annual Campaign Report


Link to voter registration and information