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The Caldwell Fire Department has a rich history dating back to the establishment of the first Hook and Ladder Company on February 2, 1889. Not long after the establishment of the Company, a City ordinance was passed by Mayor George Little stating that all able-bodied men are required by law to respond to a fire alarm. In 1909, Caldwell Fire Department was formalized and City ordinances were combined to create the first set of Rules and Regulations adhered by the Caldwell Fire Department.

In early 1893, under the leadership of WF Schnabel, the Caldwell Fire Department enlarged the Hook and Ladder Company and added a Hose Company. In addition the first fire alarm was installed in May of the same year.  

After 36 years in service, the Company was operating with antique equipment for the turn of the century and older - It was time for and update. The first piece of modern equipment (a LaFrance Pumper Truck) was purchase for $6000.00 which translates to over $108,000.00 in 2017.

The original Station One was located in the middle of what we now know as S. 7th Ave. It was decided to move                   Station One to where it currently stands at 310 7th Ave and was officially opened by Mayor NE Culley in 1967.

A remodel transformed the fire station in early 1990's to offer personal dorm rooms as women were entering the fire profession as opposed to the open barracks that commonly existed in the time period. As smoking became banned in the workplace the "smoking room" was converted to what is now the living space.

As of 2017, Caldwell Fire Department has 39 positions and the busiest per station fire department in Idaho. An average 24  hour shift will run 16 calls between 2 stations. The City of Caldwell is not slowing down in growth for the foreseeable future, call volume will enviably be on the increase as the population grows.

Looking into the future of Caldwell Fire, there are plans to build a third station to help with the expansion of Caldwell and  improve response times in the affected area. With a new station will come more staff which should improve the number of  calls per engine. We are looking forward to the growth of the Fire Department and what the future has in store.