• Evening in downtown Caldwell

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  • Historic Caldwell Home

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  • Spring in Caldwell

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  • Cardboard Kayak Races - 2018

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  • Winter Wonderland 2019 Festival

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Archived Case Files

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Previous cases heard by the Caldwell Hearing Examiner or the Caldwell Planning & Zoning Commission:

March 10, 2020 - Hearing Examiner 
ZON-20-01/PUD-20-01 Harmony Park - Continued to May 12
ANN-20-01/SUB-20P-01 Guches Annexation and Preliminary Plat
SUP-20-01 Fencing Supply and Sales
ZON-19-06/SUB-19P-10 Shadow Glen Rezone and Preliminary Plat (continued from 2/11 PZ mtg)

January 14, 2020 - Hearing Examiner 

ANN-19-14/SUB-19P-08 Marblefront West
ANN-19-15/ZON-19-05/SUB-19P-09 Masterson Ranch
ANN-19-16/SUP-19-22 Gibson Annexation and Special Use Permit

December 10, 2019  - Planning & Zoning Commission

APP-19-05 Flores Landscaping Appeal
OA-19-07 City of Caldwell Chapter 10 Updates (business permits, mobile food units)
OA-19-08 City of Caldwell Chapter 10 Updates (Tree Ordinance)

OA-19-09 City of Caldwell Chapter 10 Updates (Fencing Historic District)

November 19, 2019 - Hearing Examiner

SUP-19-18 Mobile Home Park Expansion (continued from October 8, 2019 meeting)
ZON-19-04 McDougald Rezone
ANN-19-13 Ceric Annexation

October 8, 2019 - Planning and Zoning

SUB-19P-07 Cleveland Square Condo
ANN-19-11 Rush Annexation
ANN-19-10/SUB-19P-06 Arrowleaf Sub
ZON-19-03/PUD-19-02 Logan Street PUD

October 14, 2019 - Special Planning and Zoning Meeting

ANN-19-12/SUP-19-21 Kramer Annexation and SUP
OA-19-05 City of Caldwell P&Z Amend Comp Plan Map

Planning and Zoning -   September 10, 2019

OA-19-04 Planning and Zoning Chapter 10 Amendments (P&Z)
SUP-19-19 Sunset Landing Multi Family
ANN-19-09 Harmsen and Superior Signs Annexation
SUP-19-18 Mobile Home Park Expansion
ANN-19-07 Blake Wolf Annexation
ZON-19-02 Vallivue SD Rezone
SUB-19P-05 Sweet Home Prelim Sub

Planning and Zoning - August 13, 2019

OA-19-02 Planning and Zoning Comp Plan and Comp Plan Map Updates

OA-19-03 Planning and Zoning Chapter 10 Amendments (City Center)
SUP-19-14 Gannon 2nd Residence
ANN-19-05/SUP-19-15 Pond Lane Annexation and Park SUP
ANN-19-06/SUP-19-16 Ustick Road Annexation and Park SUP
SUP-19-15 Legeman Duplex

Planning and Zoning - July 9, 2019 

SUP-19-11 Cruz Mobile Home
OA-19-04 Planning and Zoning Chapter 10 amendments (continued to September 10)
ANN-19-04 Gray Annexation
SUP-19-12 Meadow Outdoor Billboard 1
SUP-19-13 Meadow Outdoor Billboard 2
OA-19-03 City of Caldwell Chapter 10 amendments (continued to August 13 meeting)

Planning and Zoning - June 18, 2019 

ANN-19-02/SUP-19P-03 Covington Square
PUD-19-01 Hampshire Place Sub
ANN-19-03/SUP-19-10 Steve Regan Annexation and SUP
OA-19-03 Planning and Zoning Chapter 10 amendments
DAA-19-01 Development Agreement Amendment

Planning and Zoning - June 11, 2019 - Cancelled

Planning & Zoning - May 14, 2019 - Agenda

SUP-19-05 Laudert Billboard Sign
SUB-19P-02 Marblefront Sub Preliminary Plat
SUP-19-08 Charter School

Planning & Zoning - April 9, 2019 - Agenda

DAN-19-01 Nampa Paving DeAnnexation
SUP-19-06 Heritage Charter School Expansion
ANN-19-01/SUP-19-07 Quenzer Annexation and RV Resort

Planning & Zoning - March 12, 2019 - Agenda

SUP-19-03 Canyon County Fair Expo Building
SUB-19P-01 Highlight Estates Sub Prelim
SUB-19-04 Real Estate Office in Central Business District

Planning & Zoning - February 12, 2019

SUP-19-01 Caldwell Fire Station No. 3
SUP-19-02 Mini Storage
OA-19-01 Adopt Zoning Map and Comp Plan Map
SUP-18-16 Marquez Pallets (tabled from HE meeting January 8, 2019)

Hearing Examiner - January 8, 2019

ZON-18-10/SUB-18P-07 Marblefront Subdivision - Traffic Study
 SUP-18-16 Marquez Pallets - tabled to PZ meeting on February 12
SUP-18-18 R Party Solution and Event Center - CANCELLED
SUP-18-19 RV Park Laster Lane
SUP-18-20 Friends Church Duplex
ZON-18-11 Urban Renewal Rezone

Planning & Zoning Commission - December 11, 2018

SUP-18-17 Bail Hotline Bail Bonds

Hearing Examiner - November 13, 2019

SUP-18-14 Ustick Mini Storage
SUP 18-15 Arthur Street Event Center
ANN-18-09 Goff Annexation
ZON-18-09 Kane Rezone

Planning & Zoning Commission - October 9, 2018

SUP-18-12 Church of God
ZON-18-08 Global Tractor
ANN-18-08 Draper Annexation
OA-18-03 Chapter 10 Amendments

Hearing Examiner - September 11, 2018

ANN-18-06 Hopkins Annexation
ANN-18-07 Garza Annexation
ZON-18-06 Idaho Power Rezone
ZON-18-07 0 Amber Street Rezone
SUP-18-11 Stor It Self Storage Special Use Permit
SUP-18-06 Bradshaw 6 plex (continued)

Planning & Zoning - August 14, 2018 

DAN-18-01 21250 Midland Blvd. De-Annexation
SUP-18-10 VAR-18-02 Temporary Holding Facility

Hearing Examiner - July 24, 2018

SUP-18-06 Tobacco Connection
SUP-18-07 Ohio Project
SUP-18-09 Elevate Academy Charter School
ANN-18-05/SUB-18P-05 Brandellyn Annexation & Prelim Plat - Applicant has withdrawn application

SUB-18P-06 Canyon Village Shops

Hearing Examiner - July 10, 2018

PUD-18-01 Arbor Subdivision - Traffic Impact Study
ANN-18-04/SUB-18P-04/SUP-18-08 Adam's Ridge Annexation, Preliminary Plat and Special Use Permit

Hearing Examiner Meeting - May 8, 2018

ANN-18-01/SUB-18P-03 Wagon Wheel Annexation and Preliminary Plat
ZON-18-02 5106 S. 10th Rezone
ANN-18-02/ZON-18-03 Bullock - Applicant has withdrawn application
ANN-18-03 Powell Annexation
SUP-18-05 Grace Lutheran Church Signage (Continued from April 10, 2018 PZ meeting)

Planning & Zoning Commission - April 10, 2018

VAR-18-01 412 W Simplot (Reduction in Setbacks)
SUP-18-05 Grace Lutheran Church Signage (continued to May 8 Hearing Examiner meeting)

Hearing Examiner - March 13, 2018

ZON-18-01/SUB-18P-01 Dover Place Sub
SUP-18-02 123 Cleveland Blvd.
SUP-18-03 King Legend Event Center
ZON-18-02 5106 S 10th Rezone

Planning and Zoning Commission - February 13, 2018

SUP-17-06 Indian Creek Mobile Home Park
SUP-18-01 Blue Ring Studio Tattoo
OA-18-01 Planning and Zoning Zoning Map and Comp Plan Changes

Hearing Examiner - January 30, 2018

ANN-17-06/PUD-17P-01 Adam's Ridge Sub and Annexation

Hearing Examiner - November 14, 2017

ANN-17-01 4402 E Homedale Rd Annexation
SUB-17P-04/ANN-17-04 Voyage North Prelim Plat and Annexation
ANN-17-05 3504 College Ave Annexation

Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting - October 10, 2017

ZON-17-07 Bauscher Rezone

Hearing Examiner Meeting - September 12, 2017

SUP-17-05 Storage 208 Phase 3
ZON-17-06 North 21st Ave Rezone

Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting - August 8, 2017

OA-17-04 - Chapter 10 Amendments

Hearing Examiner Meeting - July 11, 2017

ZON-17-03 - Christian Faith Center
ZON-17-04/SUP-17-04 - 520 S. Florida Rezone and Mini Storage SUP
ZON-17-05 Las Brisas Apts Rezone

Hearing Examiner Meeting - May 2, 2017

ZON-17-01 Laster Lane Apartments Rezone
SUP-17-01 Outdoor Advertising Structure
SUP-17-02 Auto Storage/Wrecking Yard
SUP-17-03 Skyway Elementary Electronic Message Board
ANN-17-02/SUB-17P-02 Mason Creek Landing Annexation and Prelim Plat

Planning & Zoning Commission -  April 11, 2017

VAR-17-01 Pod 5 Variance
OA-17-03 Ordinance Amendment to Chapters 2 & 10 

Hearing Examiner Meeting - March 14, 2017, 2017

SUB-17P-01 College Marketplace Subdivision

Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting - February 14, 2017

OA-17-01 2016 Zoning Map and Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment
OA-17-02 Caldwell Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan
2040 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Draft

Hearing Examiner Meeting - January 10, 2017

ANN-16-07: Mack Annexation
SUP-16-20: Verizon Wireless
ZON-16-07: Jackson's Rezone