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Code Enforcement

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**City of Caldwell Code Enforcement does not handle violations regarding dogs/animals, graffiti, semi-trucks, parking, or abandoned vehicles. See below on who to contact for those issues.**

Code Enforcement Mission Statement:

Working in partnership with residents, city staff and local agencies to ensure, improve and maintain safe and desirable Caldwell neighborhoods through enforcement of the City's Zoning Code in Chapter 10 and the Nuisance Code in Chapter 7.

To submit a complaint for one of the following violations: 

Nuisance Violations:

REFUSE--Refuse is defined as all waste wood, wood products, tree trimmings, grass clippings, dead plants, weeds, leaves, dead trees or branches, printed matter, paper, pasteboard, straw, used and discarded mattresses, used and discarded clothing, used and discarded shoes and boots, combustible waste products, boxes and other product packaging, discarded household items, discarded food products, and any other discarded waste materials. All persons who reside, do business, own, manage, rent or lease property in the City of Caldwell shall be required to keep the property free of all accumulated and/or scattered waste material including personal property exposed to the elements and not concealed from public view.

TREES--The branches of trees that overhang the sidewalks must be pruned up to a height of at least ten feet (10’) to provide for vertical clearance.  The branches of trees that overhang the street must be pruned up to a height of at least fourteen feet (14’) to provide for vertical clearance.

WEEDS--Weeds are defined as undesirable plant growth that is unkept, unsightly, and could be considered harmful to one’s health. Weeds include noxious weeds, grasses, bushes, and any other plant meeting this description. Every person residing, doing business, owning, managing, renting and/or leasing within the Caldwell City limits are required to keep weeds over eight inches (8”) in height cut down, removed, or destroyed. 

YARD SALES--No more than four yard sales may be held in a calendar year at one location or address, and no sale may run in excess of three calendar days, thirty days apart from the last.

SIDEWALKS--The property owner must maintain the sidewalks in a safe, non-hazardous condition free from debris and snow.  Complaints regarding broken, cracked and dilapidated sidewalks shall be made through the Caldwell City Clerk’s office.

The most common ordinance issues are weed and trash violations.

Once we have received a complaint, our office will respond to the address to evaluate the property.  If the violations are confirmed a letter is generated. The letter is sent to the owner and/or tenant of the property explaining the violation(s). Compliance is requested within ten days of the date of the notice.

Once the time has expired, a follow-up inspection is conducted to verify the violations have been mitigated. If the violation(s) remain, a notice of Intent of Abatement or Notice of Misdemeanor Citation is issued.

The Abatement Notice gives the owner a final 10 days, to complete compliance.

If the violation has not been corrected, the City of Caldwell will hire a contractor to clean up the property and charge the owner the costs of cleanup PLUS an additional $122.00 administrative fee and/or Misdemeanor citations may also be issued to violators. 

To file a complaint click here: Online Complaint Form


Please contact Non-emergency dispatch (208) 454-7531
for any of the following violations:

Dogs: Only three per residence are allowed in all of Canyon County. Dogs are not allowed to run loose or bark excessively.

Graffiti:  Owners must remove.

Semi-trucks: Not allowed to be parked on any residential street.

Parking: Vehicles must be parked in the direction of traffic, no more than 18 inches from the curb. No person shall park a vehicle on the sidewalk.

ABANDONED VEHICLES:  An officer who has reasonable grounds to believe that a vehicle has been “abandoned” or that a vehicle is inoperative, is authorized to remove the vehicle from a highway or public or private property to a garage or nearest place of safety. Abandoned or inoperative vehicles will be normally towed away 48 hours if on the street or five (5) days if on private property or business property open to the public. All vehicles parked on City streets must be registered and in operative condition, i.e. all tires up, engine running, etc. It is unlawful to maintain junk motor vehicles or parts of junk vehicles on the street, public property or business property open to the public. Violations can result in impoundment of the vehicle and/or a misdemeanor citation.

To report any of the above-referenced violations, please call non-emergency dispatch at (208) 454-7531.