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Neighborhood Watch

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Support and Strengthen Neighborhoods: Neighborhoods are strengthened and crime is deterred as citizens become familiar with the person living next door, down the street and even on the next block. A captain and neighbors meet regularly with an officer from the Caldwell Police.

Community Policing: The Neighborhood Watch program is an excellent example of community policing: law enforcement and citizens teaming up to prevent crime. Through this program, neighbors are reminded they are not vigilantes who confront or try to apprehend the offender. Instead they are on-sight or first hand reporters who inform local law enforcement of a suspicious or unusual circumstance or persons in their neighborhood.

Neighborhood Meetings: Any items of general concern that you have as a neighbor would be addressed at your Neighborhood Watch meetings. At these meetings, the officer assigned to your group addresses issues varying from burglaries to speeding. These meetings are also meant to serve as educational tools on basic crime prevention ideas such as locks, lighting, landscaping and personal safety issues.

Building Relationships: Probably the most important aspect of Neighborhood Watch is the relationships that are formed through social interaction which is a natural means of crime deterrent.

National Night Out is an annual celebration of neighborhoods that takes place in August of every year. We encourage neighborhoods to BBQ and get to know each other. Each year, the police department visits neighborhoods who organize a night out. Please call us for more information!