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Street Crimes Unit

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The Caldwell Police Department’s Street Crimes Unit was created in October of 2004 in response to a spike in gang related violence in Caldwell. SCU consisted of only one K-9 unit Officer at the time. The Street Crimes Unit has now expanded to three full-time officers and a sergeant that specifically focus their efforts on gang related crime, street level narcotics and repeat offenders. The Street Crimes Unit also works together with other Treasure Valley Gang Units, ATF, and the FBI’s Violent Crimes Task Force to combat crime in Canyon County.

The success of the Street Crimes Unit comes from the proactive officers that are assigned to the team. Caldwell’s crime rate has dropped continually every year since the inception of SCU.

Officers currently assigned to the SCU are:

 Sgt Ryan Bendawald            (208) 455-4764    (Unit Supervisor)

Det. Rohrback        (208) 455-4695

Cpl. Troyer             (208) 455-4528

Det. Cooper            (208) 455-4564

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Gang Awareness

A red or blue shirt, baggy pants, colored laces or a sports jersey does not make someone a gang member or associate.

The Caldwell Police Street Crimes Unit and street patrol officers when documenting a gang member, must consider the combination of tattoos, clothing, and monikers to officially document someone as a know gang member.

IDAHO STATUTE 18, CHAPTER 85 outlines the Idaho Criminal Gang Enforcement Act. Our officers adhere to definitions set out in 18-8502 when documenting a gang member. Once documented, a gang member can have any future crimes punishable with enhanced penalties.