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Victim/Witness Unit

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 162 Liz Godina

At any time, anyone can become the victim or witness of a crime. Victims have no choice in becoming victims and may find themselves alone, helpless without resources. The Caldwell Police Department Victim Witness Unit was created to help with the trauma and confusion the victim suffers as a result of a crime. The Victim/Witness Unit provides assistance, support, education and referral/resource services to victims of crimes throughout a victim’s participation during a criminal investigation.

The Caldwell Police Department Victim Witness Unit can make the criminal justice process easier for you in many ways by providing the following services:

  • Victim witness coordinator is available to respond to a hospital, crime scenes or other sites to assist law enforcement with victims and witnesses 24/7 by providing immediate crisis intervention.
  • Referrals to service agencies in the community that provide emergency care, medical care, food, shelter, and counseling.
  • Assistance in applying for crime victims' compensation which assists victims of violent crimes with expenses such as medical, counseling, funeral costs, or lost wages which are not covered by other means.
  • Assistance in applying for a civil protection order, a document issued by a civil court that orders the person who is abusing, harassing or stalking you to stop doing so or be punished by the court.
  • Educate victims on criminal justice process and terminology.
  • Accompaniment and moral support in the courtroom, when needed.

Security Measures available for victims of crime:

  • Safe, comfortable, private room for interviewing             
  • Emergency 911 cellular phones provided at no cost
  • AWARE Alarm, provided at no cost
  • Request extra patrol for victims’ home when needed
  • Suspect jail release notification; VINE information



Victim Witness Coordinator

Liz Godina

Phone:  208-455-3112

email: lgodina@cityofcaldwell.org