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Community Room Rules & Regulations

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The Caldwell Police Department Community Room is available free of charge to groups for the purpose of holding meetings on an "as available" basis, subject to the limitations defined in this procedure. The use of these rooms is specifically restricted to not-for-profit activities and public meetings.

Any group that wishes to use the Community Room will make that request to the Chief of Police or his designee describing the proposed use of the room, and stating the dates and times for which the request is made.

Prior to actually using the room, a representative of the group wishing to use the Community Room shall sign a waiver of liability for any damages, which might arise as a result of, or incidental to, the use of the room. He/she shall also be provided with a copy of this procedure at that time. The Community Service Officers will maintain the schedule for the use of the Community Room and will establish a file for the "Release and Indemnification Agreement" forms.

1. Limitations On Use Of Community Room

The Caldwell Police Department makes these rooms available for use by not-for-profit groups and public meetings with the specific understanding that Department operational requirements take precedence over other scheduled events. Should the need arise; the Department may cancel the reservation of any group in order to accommodate a legitimate operational need.

Special functions that do not come under the guidelines for use of the Community room must be approved by the Chief of Police.

Any group using a Community Room does so with the understanding that the group shall be responsible for leaving the room clean and orderly. Failure to do so may result in refusal by the Department to permit further use of the rooms by the group.

The Community Room is a non-smoking area in its entirety. Food and beverages shall not be served in the Community Rooms without specific permission. A $300.00 deposit may be required if food and beverages are approved. Consumption of alcoholic beverages in these rooms or any other Department facility is strictly prohibited.

2. Parking

Parking in front of the Police Station on 5th Ave is prohibited. The parking is very limited, and it is requested that the parking lot at the old police station at 605 Main be utilized by those attending all day classes or meetings.

In a free and democratic society, it is important that a police agency be impartial in its enforcement of the law, and to avoid apparent or actual partisanship in disputes, which may subsequently require police intervention or enforcement action. Thus, there are certain activities which are fundamentally incompatible with the basic police mission, and which are therefore not permitted in the Caldwell Police Department's Community Room. These include meetings by groups for the purpose of planning, facilitating or committing criminal acts or, advocating or inciting violence against a segment of the community, or advocating or inciting the violation of local, state or federal law, including advocating the violation of the civil rights of any group of citizens.

The Community Room may not be used for the purpose of planning strikes, public demonstrations, picketing, or similar activities because of the likelihood that the Caldwell Police Department will subsequently be called to regulate such events, and protect the rights of both those who are engaged in these activities and the rights of those at whom the activities are directed.

The Community Room may also not be used for any political campaigns, demonstrations, meetings of any political party, or church services. The Community Room is for the entire community but the city can not discriminate religiously or politically. Any activity in the Community Room that disrupts the operation of the police facility is prohibited. The use of public address systems and other voice amplification systems are forbidden on the premises unless specifically approved in advance. No activity will be permitted which may damage the room, its furniture or fixtures or, which poses a risk of injury to persons in the facility. Any on-duty supervisor may summarily revoke the permission to use the room of any group, which violates these provisions.

The Chief of Police may disapprove the use of the Community Room for an event that is not in the best interest of the Caldwell Police Department.

Misrepresentation by any group as to the nature of the activities to be conducted in a Community Room is also grounds for summary termination of permission to use the room.

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