• Evening in downtown Caldwell

    photo credit: Dan Smede

  • Winter Wonderland 2019 Festival

    Destination Caldwell

  • Main Street, circa 1950-s - Ellis

    photo credit - unknown

  • 2018 4th of July Fireworks

    Dan Smede

  • Historic Caldwell Home

    Jan Boles

  • Old City Hall, circa 1930

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  • Cardboard Kayak Races - 2018

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  • Indian Creek Plaza ice ribbon

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Mayoral History

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The City of Caldwell in Idaho was established in 1890.  Since that time, Caldwell has had 46 Mayors.  Below are the biographies of our City's Mayors over the years.  You will note that not all of Caldwell's Mayors have biographies listed here; we are currently researching their histories and will be updating this page as more information becomes available.  

If you would like more information about our Mayors, both past and present, please contact the Mayor's Office at (208) 455-3011.

Caldwell's first Mayor, Howard Sebree.                            Photo of Howard Sebree, first Mayor of Caldwell

Served a 1-year term as Mayor in 1893 and again in 1901.

According to a Caldwell Tribune article from October 17, 1913, Howard Sebree was born near Owenton, KY on March 9, 1834 to N.B. and Permelia Owens Sebree.  At age 14 he left his home in Louisville, IL and apprenticed to a blacksmith in Paris, IL.  This is where he met the woman who was to become his wife, Lucinda Ellen Bell.

Throughout his life, he worked hard, traversing the yet untamed west and establishing blacksmith shops throughout the west.  He relocated to Caldwell in 1885, organizing the Stockgrowers & Traders Bank and taking the presidency of the institution.  

Howard Sebree was the Mayor, the President of First National Bank, the organizer and president of Stockgrowners & Traders, an entrepreneur, known for his integrity and honesty; a successful businessman, father and husband, and known fondly as "Uncle Howard" by Caldwell residents.  


Mayor Montie B. (M.B.) Gwinn                               

M.B. Gwinn, Mayor of Caldwell 1894

Served a 1-year term as Mayor in 1894, and again in 1896.












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