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Back Flow And Cross Connection

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What is Backflow?

Backflow is contaminated water introduced into the city's main water supply lines due to either a direct or indirect cross connection. This can happen when there is backpressure or backsiphonage present.

What is Backpressure and Backsiphonage?

Backpressure is caused by pressure on the contaminated water side exceeding the pressure of the potable water line. This can be caused by pumping or the elevation of the contaminated water.

Backsiphonage is caused by a reverse draw of water. A vacuum or suction caused by a drop in pressure on the potable water side.

Why is Backflow prevention important?

It is our goal to provide our community with clean, safe drinking water. Backflow prevention is a key element to preventing potentially harmful matter from entering our system. Customer education and awareness is the first step to achieving this goal.

Who needs Backflow prevention?

Some properties and businesses have a greater  potential for backflow events. The average household shouldn't require any additional protection. However residential properties with city water for irrigation must have a testable backflow assembly in place and properties who have both potable and irrigation water tied together into their sprinkler systems. If you have a business and are not sure what needs protection, please contact our office, we would be happy to assist you.

Who is financially responsible?

The property owner is responsible for all installation, maintenance and testing assemblies. If it is proven to be a financial hardship, time extensions will be considered based on the degree of hazard deemed by the water purveyor.

How do I know for sure if I need one?

If you are unsure please contact our office. We can have a technisian schedule an appointment for a site survey.

How much time do I have to comply?

Test reports are due yearly. One year from any previous test date. The tester will usually provide our department with the results in 30 days. The next due date will be updated in our system when that is received.

Who do I call to have my assembly tested?

Our office maintains a list of approved testers in our area. Please see list below, or you can call or email us and we will provide this list to you.

Licensed Backflow Testers

  • Valley Hydro Inc. (Caldwell): Tom Mehiel 208-941-5989
  • Fackrell's Service Accent Lawn &Landscape (Caldwell): Terry Fackrell 208-454-1594 or 208-880-7594
  • Western Plumbing (Caldwell): Houston Bright 208-459-9188
  • American Fire Protection (Nampa): Kenneth Danes 208-463-0209
  • V4 Plumbing Service (Nampa): Todd Vitek 208- 571-8596
  • E &J Sprinkler &Backflow (Nampa): Eric Steiner 208-989-2883
  • The Backflow Doctor (Nampa): Hank O'Krakel  208-461-9982
  • Palmer Backflow (Eagle): Jason Palmer or James Porter 208-322-5808
  • Plumbing Solutions of Idaho (Meridian): Luke Karel or Richard Cornett 208-895-7969
  • On Site Fire Protection (Eagle): Chris Felty 208-249-6354
  • Acco Engineered Systens (Eagle): Kyle Wilcox 208-323-7789
  • Bennett's Backflow (Eagle): Scott Bennett 208-608-2762
  • Debest Plumbing (Boise): Blair Johnson, Tim Akkazakov, Mike Miller 208-322-4844
  • Pacific Backflow (Boise): Curt Prindle, Jared Croke, Ron Croke, Luke Anderson 208-378-0500 or 208-440-1243
  • All Valley Fire Protection (Boise): Jim LaFond, Russ Kearby, Jon Edes 208-362-1888
  • Idaho Backflow (Boise): Howard &Phillip Barrows 208-514-9595
  • Hudson Backflow (Boise): Jeremy Hudson 208-938-2023

How do I contact the City Cross Connection Dept?

If you have questions or concerns please contact the following City Cross Connection Department personnel.

Wally Hammons
Phone: 208-455-4790
Fax: 208-455-3071
Email: whammons@cityofcaldwell.org

Debbi Farwell
Phone: 208-455-4769
Fax: 208-455-3071
Email: dfarwell@cityofcaldwell.org